Installing and Upgrading Sentry for Policy File Authorization

Sentry stores the configuration as well as privilege policies in files. The sentry-site.xml file contains configuration options such as group association provider, privilege policy file location. The policy file contains the privileges and groups. It has a .ini file format and can be stored on a local file system or HDFS.

Sentry is plugged into Hive as session hooks, which you configure in hive-site.xml. The sentry package must be installed. It contains the required JAR files. You must also configure properties in the Sentry Configuration File.

Installing Sentry

Use the following the instructions, depending on your operating system, to install the latest version of Sentry.
OS Command
$ sudo yum install sentry
$ sudo zypper install sentry
Ubuntu or Debian
$ sudo apt-get update; 
$ sudo apt-get install sentry

Upgrading Sentry

If you are upgrading from CDH 5.x to the latest CDH release, see Installing Sentry to install the latest version.