Overview of Apache Hive Installation and Upgrade in CDH


On a cluster managed by Cloudera Manager, Hive comes along with the base CDH installation and does not need to be installed manually. With Cloudera Manager, you can enable or disable the Hive service, but the Hive component always remains present on the cluster. For details on installing CDH with Cloudera Manager, which installs Hive, see Installation Using Cloudera Manager Parcels or Packages.

On an unmanaged cluster, you can install Hive manually, using packages or tarballs with the appropriate command for your operating system. For details on installing Hive manually, see Installing Hive.


When you upgrade Hive from one version of CDH to another, you must upgrade it on all the hosts on which it is running including both servers and clients. See Upgrading Hive for details about deprecated versions and upgrading best practices. If you need to validate or upgrade the Hive metastore schema, see Using the Hive Schema Tool. The Hive schema tool is available as both a command-line tool that you can use for unmanaged clusters or it is also available to use on the Hive service page in Cloudera Manager.