Cloudera Navigator Administration

The Cloudera Navigator Data Management component encompasses two distinct roles (service daemons) that run on the Cloudera Management Service:
  • Navigator Audit Server, which tracks, coalesces, and stores events in its database.
  • Navigator Metadata Server, which handles all metadata management for the system and supports the policies, user authorization, analytic data, and many other capabilities. The Navigator Metadata Server also exposes the Cloudera Navigator APIs and hosts the Cloudera Navigator console.

These roles are set up and configured typically during the Cloudera Manager installation process as detailed in Installing the Cloudera Navigator Data Management Component.

Many of the on-going administration tasks for the Cloudera Navigator component, specifically the Cloudera Audit Server role and Cloudera Metadata Server role, are handled using the Cloudera Manager Admin Console and require Cloudera Manager Full Administrator or Navigator Administrator privileges. That is, you must log in to the Cloudera Manager Admin Console with an account that has either of those user roles. See Cloudera Navigator User Roles and Privileges reference for details.

See the Cloudera Security guide for these topics:

For details about system architecture and for configuring, tuning, and systems management, see the Cloudera Navigator Data Management guide, specifically: