Release Notes

Apache Phoenix 5.0.0 is available with CDH 6.3.0.

You can now download and install the Apache Phoenix 5.0.0 on CDH 6.3.0.

Known Issues

The Phoenix artifacts provided in the Maven repository have transitive dependencies on some artifacts that are not available either in the Apache central repository, the Cloudera provided CDH repository, or the Cloudera provided Phoenix repository.

Workaround: When you add a dependency on any of the provided Maven Phoenix artifacts, you must exclude the org.glassfish.web:javax.servlet.jsp artifact. For example:

Affected Versions: CDH 6.2.0, CDH 6.3.0.

Cloudera Issue: CDH-81419

Unsupported Features

The following upstream Apache Phoenix 5.0.0 features are currently not supported in the Cloudera parcel of Phoenix:

  • Pig, Flume, Kafka, and MapReduce integration.
  • Multi-row and cross-table transaction support.
  • JDK 11 is currently not supported; you must use JDK 8.