Cluster-Wide Configuration

Minimum Required Role: Configurator (also provided by Cluster Administrator, Full Administrator)

To make configuration changes that apply to an entire cluster, do one of the following to open the configuration page:
  • all clusters
    1. Select Configuration and then select one of the following classes of properties:
      • Advanced Configuration Snippets
      • Databases
      • Disk Space Thresholds
      • Local Data Directories
      • Local Data Files
      • Log Directories
      • Navigator Settings
      • Non-default Values - properties whose value differs from the default value
      • Non-uniform Values - properties whose values are not uniform across the cluster or clusters
      • Port Configurations
      • Service Dependencies
    You can also select Configuration Issues to view a list of configuration issues for all clusters.
  • specific cluster
    1. On the Home page, click a cluster name.
    2. Select Configuration and then select one of the classes of properties listed above.
You can also apply the following filters to limit the displayed properties:
  • Enter a search term in the Search box to search for properties by name or description.
  • Expand the Status filter to select options that limit the displayed properties to those with errors or warnings, properties that have been edited, properties with non-default values, or properties with overrides. Select All to remove any filtering by Status.
  • Expand the Scope filter to display a list of service types. Expand a service type heading to filter on Service-Wide configurations for a specific service instance or select one of the default role groups listed under each service type. Select All to remove any filtering by Scope.
  • Expand the Category filter to filter using a sub-grouping of properties. Select All to remove any filtering by Category.