Managing Cloudera Search

Most Cloudera Search configuration is managed using solrctl, a wrapper script included with Cloudera Search. You can manipulate collections, instance directories, configs, individual cores, and so on.

A SolrCloud collection is the top-level object for indexing documents and providing a query interface. Each collection must be associated with a configuration, using either an instance directory or a config object. Different collections can use the same configuration. Each collection is typically replicated among several SolrCloud instances. Each replica is called a core and is assigned to an individual Solr service. The assignment process is managed automatically, but you can apply fine-grained control over individual cores using the solrctl core command.

A typical deployment workflow with solrctl consists of:

  1. Establishing a configuration
    • If using configs, creating a config object from a template.
    • If using instance directories, generating an instance directory and uploading it to ZooKeeper.
  2. Creating a collection associated with the name of the config or instance directory.

For a comparison of configs and instance directories, see Managing Configuration Using Configs or Instance Directories.

For more information on managing Cloudera Search, see the following topics: