How to Enable Governance-Based Data Discovery

Hue can use the metadata tagging, indexing, and search features available with Cloudera Navigator data management. After integrating Hue with Cloudera Navigator, existing Cloudera Navigator tags and indexed entities can be accessed and viewed in Hue. You can also tag entities using Hue. Managed metadata and custom metadata tags that are created or applied using Hue are then stored in a Cloudera Navigator instance. This topic shows administrators how to enable this capability with Cloudera Manager.

Administrator Setup Tasks

Enabling Cloudera Navigator for Hue

To use Hue with Cloudera Navigator, you must give the Hue server access to the Navigator Administrator account and enable the integration by configuring some properties using the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.


Follow the steps below to integrate Cloudera Navigator with the Hue server. These steps require Cloudera Navigator to already be installed, configured, and running in the context of a Cloudera Manager cluster. See Cloudera Data Management Guide for more information about Cloudera Navigator.

The administrator performing the configuration tasks must have the Cloudera Manager user role of Navigator Administrator or Full Administrator. Use the same account that was used to set up authentication for Cloudera Navigator users and groups.

Enabling the Integration and Configuring Authentication

  1. Log in to the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. Select Clusters > Hue.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. Select Service-wide from the Scope filter.
  5. Select Cloudera Navigator from the Category filter. The properties for Cloudera Navigator configuration for Hue display:
    1. Select the Enable Navigator Metadata Server Integration check box.
    2. Select one of the below authentication mechanisms for Navigator Metadata Server Auth used by the Cloudera Navigator instance. This selection must match the configuration for Navigator Metatdata Server:
      • Cloudera Manager
      • LDAP (Active Directory, OpenLDAP)
      • SAML (for SSO support)
    3. Select the Enable Audit Collection check box.
  6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to save the configuration change.
  7. Refresh the browser page and click the restart icon at the top of the page so the new configuration changes can be read by the server.
  8. Log in to Hue by selecting Web UI > Hue Load Balanced.