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dp dlm policy create

This command creates a new replication policy with the specification from configuration JSON. JSON is the API payload, which is the policy definition.


dp dlm policy create [command options] [arguments…]


Name Description
--config FILE, -c FILE Specifies policy definition in the configuration JSON file.

Parent command

dp dlm policy


dp dlm policy create -c replpol.json
Scheduling policy on default$cluster2
Created replication policy with name 'dlm-hive-db4' with source dataset 'db4', target dataset 'db4'.

An example of a typical JSON file:

 "name": "HDFSNEWPol",
 "type": "HIVE",
 "source": {
  "cluster": {
   "name": "mycluster0",
   "dcName": "default"
  "dataset": [
 "target": {
  "cluster": {
   "name": "mycluster1",
   "dcName": "default"
  "dataset": [ "nondefault_rename"
  "hiveExternalTableBasePath": "/tmp/"
 "schedule": {
  "frequency": 120
 "advancedOptions": {
  "queue": "default",
  "disableAtlasReplication": true,
  "maxMaps": 10,
  "mapBandwidth": 10