DLM Administration
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dp login

This command enables you to log in to the DataPlane platform where the running Data Lifecycle Manager instance is available.

This command will also create a Knox token to be used for further calls to DataPlane/DLM app. The Knox token is valid for about two hours by default and shall be auto-renewed if the token has expired using the credentials in .dp_login file. The token file is stored in local filesystem where CLI is installed in the file <user home>/.dp_token.


dp login [command options] [arguments…]


Name Description
-u Username for logging into Dataplane Platform
-p Dataplane user password
-url URL of Dataplane instance or endpoint


dp login -u <dp user name> -p <user password> -url <dp endpoints>

Once successfully logged in, you can verify if .dp_cookie and .dp_login files are available in the local filesystem.