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DLM operations using Command-Line Interface

DLM now supports policy-based operations using Command-Line Interface (CLI). The downloadable CLI version will be the same version as DLM App. The CLI will be one executable and will not have any external dependencies.

As of DLM 1.5.1 release, CLI support is available only on On-Premise to On-Premise clusters for both HDFS and Hive services.
Supported operating system: DLM CLI executable is currently supported on Linux and Mac platforms.
How to access the CLI executable : When the DLM App is deployed, the CLI executable will be a part of the package. For example, access the following path: /usr/dlm-app/ You can find the following TAR files based on the supported operating system flavor.
  • dlm-cli_1.5.1.0-xx_Darwin_x86_64.tgz (Mac version)
  • dlm-cli_1.5.1.0-xx_Linux_x86_64.tgz (Linux version)

Untar the applicable version.

DLM CLI Authentication: Logging into the DLM CLI system enables you to run all the supported CLI operations. Unlike in DLM UI, as a CLI System Administrator, you can execute all the supported CLI commands. Authorization is not supported; any CLI administrator can run the available commands.