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Registering Amazon S3 cloud account

You must have valid Amazon S3 credentials to register the cloud account with DLM.

  1. In the DLM UI navigation pane, click Cloud Credentials > Add
  2. Enter the details in the Add Cloud Credential window:
    • Cloud Storage Type - Select the replication cloud account from the drop-down.
    • Name - Provide a unique cloud credential name.
    • Authentication Type - Select the authentication type as Access Secret Key from the drop-down.
      If you select IAM Role, click Save to proceed.
    • Access Key - Enter the valid access key.
    • Secret Key - Enter the valid secret key.

Custom Configuration

Optionally, you can add custom configuration details which gets registered as part of the Amazon S3 cloud account.

- Click ADD.

- Enter the Configuration Name and Configuration Value respectively.

Use the checked configuration option to secure your configured data in a keystore.

For Amazon S3, use the following information to add the supported custom cloud credential properties:

fs.s3a.proxy.host=<Hostname of the (optional) proxy server for S3 connections.>
fs.s3a.proxy.port=<Proxy server port. If this property is not set
but fs.s3a.proxy.host is, port 80 or 443 is assumed (consistent with
the value of fs.s3a.connection.ssl.enabled).>
fs.s3a.proxy.username=<Username for authenticating with proxy server.>
fs.s3a.proxy.password=<Password for authenticating with proxy server.>
fs.s3a.proxy.domain=<Domain for authenticating with proxy server.>
fs.s3a.proxy.workstation=<Workstation for authenticating with proxy server.>
fs.s3a.attempts.maximum=<How many times we should retry commands on transient errors.>
fs.s3a.connection.establish.timeout=<Socket connection setup timeout in milliseconds.>
fs.s3a.connection.timeout=<Socket connection timeout in milliseconds.>

  1. Click Validate.
    Using the validation feature is recommended to ensure that the Amazon S3 bucket keys are valid. If the keys are not valid, the DLM policy cannot execute a copy of data to the target Amazon S3 bucket.

    Verify that your credentials are listed on the Cloud Credentials page.