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Cluster pairing

Before setting up replication between two hadoop clusters, the clusters need to be paired which will validate that the data and metadata can be replicated between two clusters. This will verify the configurations of two clusters to communicate with each other.

  1. In the DLM navigation pane, click Pairings.
  2. Click Add Pairing.
    The Create Pairing page displays, showing the clusters that are enabled for replication.
    You can place the cursor over the cluster name to display the cluster location.
  3. Click one of the cluster names.
    All clusters available to be paired with the cluster you selected display in a second column.
    If a cluster displays but cannot be selected, it is already paired with the cluster you selected in the first column.
  4. Click a cluster in the second column.
  5. Click Start Pairing.
    A progress bar displays.
  6. Repeat the above steps to pair additional clusters.