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Remove the Ranger deny policy

If the Ranger deny policy is enabled, you must remove the deny policy that is on the destination cluster so that DLM can access the target data to be retrieved.

You must be logged in as Ambari Admin to perform this task.

  1. Determine if the Ranger deny policy is enabled.
    1. Navigate to the Ambari UI.
    2. In the services list, click DLM Engine.
    3. Click Configs>Advanced.
    4. Scroll to the parameter beacon.ranger.plugin.create.denypolicy and verify if the Ranger Deny Policy is enabled or disabled.
  2. If the Ranger Deny Policy is enabled, you must disable it.
    1. Log in to the destination cluster, access Ranger, and then navigate to Ranger admin resource policies.
    2. Identify Ranger policies that start with “<sourcecluster>_beacon deny policy for” and remove the deny condition on the policies.