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Replication of data from Microsoft WASB to on-premise in HDFS

You must create a new replication policy to replicate data from WASB cloud account to on-premise.

Before you create a new replication policy, you must register the WASB cloud account. For more information, see Register cloud credentials. You must have Infra Admin or DLM Admin role to perform this set of tasks.

You must have a cluster registered with the Data Lifecycle Manager to which you replicate data. The cluster must have enough storage to accept data that gets replicated.
  1. Select Policies and click Add Policy. By default, HDFS is selected as the service in the Create Replication Policy page.
  2. Enter the replication policy name and description.
  4. Select type as WASB and Cloud Credential from the drop-down and enter the path container_name/path for the WASB source.

    You must have one or more clusters in the DLM application.

  6. Select cluster type and destination cluster from the drop-down.
  7. Enter the destination path.
    If the target dataset is non-empty, a warning message appears Target dataset directory /xxxx/xxxis not empty. You can proceed by selecting the check-box supressWarnings. Opting to select the check-box overwrites the target location, considering the conflict resolution between HDFS location and Hive External Table base location directory.
  8. Click VALIDATE.
  9. Once the validation is successful, click SCHEDULE.
  10. Configure the job settings for the replication policy.
  11. Click ADVANCED SETTINGS to set up the policy queue.
  12. Click CREATE POLICY.

    The data replication process is enabled. View job status from the policies page. Verify that the job starts and runs as expected. For more information, see Viewing job status.