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Recent Issues panel

This panel shows the last four events with severity of warning, critical, or error. For each event, the panel shows the severity, the type, a message that includes the policy name and file icon, and the age of the event.

Severity icon
Displays in orange for warning and red for critical or error.
Event type
Displays in bold text above the event message. The type can be succeeded, deleted, or suspended.
Event message
Displays as text under the event name. When an event is associated with a policy or policy instance (job), then the message text contains two items:
  • Policy name: You can click this term to navigate to the Policies page with a preset filter that displays information about only the selected policy.
  • File icon: You can move the cursor over the icon to display the text “View Log” and click the text to display log content for the associated policy or job.
Event age
Displays in numeric form how long ago from the current time the event occurred.

You can click View All at the bottom of the event list to navigate the browser to the Notifications page.