3. Minimum system requirements

Hardware Recommendations:

Although there is no single hardware requirement for installing HDP, there are some basic guide­lines. You can see sample setups here.

Operating Systems Requirements:

The following operating systems are supported:

  • 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v5.*, v6.*

  • 64-bit CentOS v5.*, v6.*


    All hosts in the cluster must run the same OS, version and patch sets.

Graphics Requirements:

The HMC deployment wizard runs as a browser-based Web app. You must have a machine capable of running a graphical browser to use this tool.

Software Requirements:

On each of your hosts:

  • yum

  • rpm

  • scp

  • curl

  • wget

  • pdsh

  • net-snmp

  • net-snmp-utils

  • On the machine from which you will run HMC:

    • Firefox v.12+

Database Requirements:

Hive or HCatalog requires a MySQL database for its use. You can choose to use a current instance or let the HMC deployment wizard create one for you.

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