2.1. Patch information for Hadoop

Hadoop is based on Apache Hadoop 1.2.0 and includes the following additional patches:

  • HDFS-2802: Added support for RW/RO snapshots in HDFS.

  • HDFS-4750: Added support for NFSv3 interface to HDFS.

  • MAPREDUCE-5109: Added support to apply Job view-acl to job lists on JobTracker and also to the JobHistory listings.

  • MAPREDUCE-5217: Fixed issues for DistCP when launched by Oozie on a secure cluster.

  • MAPREDUCE-5256: Improved CombineInputFormat to make it thread safe. This issue was affecting HiveServer.

  • HDFS-4334: Added support to enable adding a unique id to each INode.

  • HDFS-4635: Move BlockManager#computeCapacity to LightWeightGSet.

  • HDFS-4434: Added support for inode ID to inode map.

  • HDFS-4785: Fixed issue for Concat operation that affected removal of the concatenated files from InodeMap.

  • HDFS-4784: Fixed Null Pointer Exception (NPE) in FSDirectory.resolvePath().

  • HADOOP-8923: Fixed incorect rendering of the intermediate web user interface page caused when the authentication cookie (SPENGO/custom) expires.

  • HDFS-4108: Fixed dfsnodelist to work in secure mode.

  • HADOOP-9296: Added support to allow users from different realm to authenticate without a trust relationship.

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