5. Known Issues

  • The ALTER INDEX command will fail for Hive if used in an automated script that also contains the CREATE INDEX command. The workaround is to either use the ALTER INDEX command in an interactive shell or add it to a separate script file.

  • Hive and HCatalog authorizations are based on permissions in the underlying storage system and so are not affected by account-management DDL statements such as GRANT and REVOKE. See HCatalog documentation of "Authorizations for HCatalog".

  • Preview of the mount point directories during HDP installation will display the Oozie and ZooKeeper directories even if the corresponding services are not enabled. For details, see AMBARI-572.

  • In some cases, while finalizing the bootstrap nodes for HMC the update shows incorrect message.

  • HMC installation currently does not support Hadoop security.

  • Use of init.d scripts for starting or stopping Hadoop services, is not recommended.

  • To be able to use Oozie command line client, you must first export JAVA_HOME.

  • Pig or MapReduce jobs get incorrect data when reading binary data type from the HCatalog table. For details, see: HCATALOG-430.

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