2.2. Patch information for HBase

HBase is based on Apache HBase 0.94.5 and includes the following:

  • HBASE-6338: Cache Method in RPC handler.

  • HBASE-6134: Improved split-worker to enhance distributed log splitting.

  • HBASE-6508: Added support to filter out edits at log split time (without breaking backward compatibility).

  • HBASE-7814: Fixed hbck. hbck can now run on a secure cluster.

  • HBASE-7832: Added support to use User.getShortName() in FSUtils.

  • HBASE-7851: Fixed CNFE issues for a guava class.

  • HBASE-6466: Enabled multi-thread for memstore flush.

  • HBASE-7820: Added support for multi-realm authentication.

  • HBASE-7913: Secure REST server should login before getting an instance of REST servlet.

  • HBASE-7915: Secure ThriftServer needs to login before calling HBaseHandler.

  • HBASE-7920: Removed isFamilyEssential(byte[] name) from Filter interface in HBase v.0.94.

  • HBASE-8007: Added TestLoadAndVerify from BigTop.

  • HBASE-8179: Fixed JSON formatting for cluster status.

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