2.1.2. Patch information for Hadoop (HDP-1.2.4)

Hadoop is based on Apache Hadoop 1.1.2 and includes the following additional patches:

  • HDFS-4122: Reduced the size of log messages.

  • HADOOP-8832: Added generic service plugin mechanism from HADOOP-5257 to branch-1.

  • MAPREDUCE-461: Enabled service-plugins for JobTracker.

  • MAPREDUCE-4838: Added locality, avataar, and workflow information to JobHistory.

  • MAPREDUCE-4837: Added web-service APIs for JobTracker. These APIs can be used to get information on jobs and component tasks.


    • HDFS-4219: Added slive to branch-1.

    • HDFS-4180: Updated TestFileCreation for HDFS-4122

    • MAPREDUCE-4478: Fixed issue with TaskTracker's heartbeat.

    • HDFS-4108: Fixed dfsnodelist to work in secure mode.

    • HADOOP-8923: Fixed incorect rendering of the intermediate web user interface page caused when the authentication cookie (SPENGO/custom) expires.

    • HADOOP-8164: Added support to handle paths using backslash character as a path separator (for Windows platform only).

  • HADOOP-9051: Fixed build failure issues for ant test.

  • HADOOP-9036: Fixed racy test case TestSinkQueue.

  • MAPREDUCE-4916: Fixed TestTrackerDistributedCacheManager.

  • HADOOP-7836: Fixed failures for TestSaslRPC#testDigestAuthMethodHostBasedToken when hostname is set to localhost.localdomain .

  • HDFS-3402: Fixed HDFS scripts for secure DataNodes.

  • HADOOP-9296: Added support to allow users from different realm to authenticate without a trust relationship.

  • MAPREDUCE-4434: Fixed JobSplitWriter.java to handle large job.split file.

  • HDFS-4222: Fixed NameNode issue that caused the NameNode to become unresponsive and resulting in lost heartbeats from DNs when configured to use LDAP.

  • HDFS-3515: Port HDFS-1457 to branch-1.

  • MAPREDUCE-4843: Fixed JobLocalizer when using DefaultTaskController.

  • MAPREDUCE-2217: Expire launching task now covers the UNASSIGNED task.

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