2.11. Patch information for Flume

Flume is based on Apache Flume 1.3.1 and includes the following patches:

  • FLUME-924: Implement a JMS source for Flume NG.

  • FLUME-1784: JMSource fix minor documentation problem and parameter name.

  • FLUME-1804: JMS source not included in binary distribution.

  • FLUME-1777: AbstractSource does not provide enough implementation for sub-classes

  • FLUME-1886: Add a JMS enum type to SourceType so that users do not need to enter FQCN for JMSSource.

  • FLUME-1976: JMS Source document should provide instruction on JMS implementation JAR files. For more details, see Flume User Guide - JMS Source.

  • FLUME-2043: JMS Source removed on failure to create configuration

  • FLUME-1227: Introduce some sort of SpillableChannel ([Spillable Channel - Experimental]).

  • Spillable Channel dependencies:

    • FLUME-1630: Improved Flume configuration code.

    • FLUME-1502: Support for running simple configurations embedded in host process.

    • FLUME-1772: AbstractConfigurationProvider should remove component which throws exception from configure method.

    • FLUME-1852: Fixed issues with EmbeddedAgentConfiguration.

    • FLUME-1849: Embedded Agent doesn't shutdown supervisor

  • FLUME-1878: FileChannel replay should print status every 10000 events.

  • FLUME-1891: Fast replay runs even when checkpoint exists.

  • FLUME-1762: File Channel should recover automatically if the checkpoint is incomplete or bad by deleting the contents of the checkpoint directory.

  • FLUME-1870: Flume sends non-numeric values with type as float to Ganglia causing it to crash.

  • FLUME-1918: File Channel cannot handle capacity of more than 500 Million events.

  • FLUME-1262: Move doc generation to a different profile.

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