5.5. Known Issues for Sqoop

  • Sqoop command list-all-tables with Teradata connector returns views.

    This is caused because the TeradataConnection listTables query does not filter out tables alone when it queries the data dictionary.

    The workaround is to remove all views from the schema to use import all tables.

    Note that using import all tables has additional restrictions on the schema (tables cannot have multi-column primary keys etc.).

  • Sqoop Teradata connector option teradata.db.input.target.database does not work.

    The Teradata Hadoop Connector used by Sqoop connector uses incorrect Hive database name while loading rows into Hive tables.

    The workaround is to use default Hive database for Hive imports.

  • Sqoop import option --split-by is ignored when used with Teradata Sqoop connector.

    This issue is caused because the incorrect split table option is passed to the Hadoop connector.

    The workaround is to use the teradata.db.input.split.by.column property to specify split columns.

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