2.2. Patch information for HBase

HBase is based on Apache SVN branch 0.94, revision 1406700, and includes the following:

  • HBASE-6338: Cache Method in RPC handler.

  • HBASE-6134: Improved split-worker to enhance distributed log splitting.

  • HBASE-7165: Fixed test failure issues for TestSplitLogManager.testUnassignedTimeout.

  • HBASE-7166: Fixed test failure issues for TestSplitTransactionOnCluster.

  • HBASE-7177: Fixed test failure issues for TestZooKeeperScanPolicyObserver.testScanPolicyObserver.

  • HBASE-7235: Fixed test failure issues for TestMasterObserver.

  • HBASE-7343: Fixed issues for TestDrainingServer.

  • HBASE-6175: Fixed issues for TestFSUtils on getFileStatus method in HDFS.

  • HBASE-7398: Fixed test failures for TestAssignmentManager on CentOS.

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