2.7. Patch information for Oozie

Oozie is based on Apache Oozie 3.2.0 and includes the following patches:

  • OOZIE-698: Enhanced sharelib components.

  • OOZIE-810: Fixed compilation issues for Oozie documentation.

  • OOZIE-863: Fixed issues caused due to JAVA_HOME settings when oozie-env.sh script is invoked .

  • OOZIE-968: Updated default location of Oozie environment file (bin/oozie-env.sh) to conf/oozie-env.shin the ooziedb.sh file.

  • OOZIE-1006: Fixed Hadoop 2.0.2 dependency issues for Oozie.

  • OOZIE-1048: Added support to enable propagation of native libraries as a VM argument using java.library.path.

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