2.2. Patch information for Ambari

Ambari is based on Apache Ambari 1.2.3 and includes the following:

  • AMBARI-1983: Added new parameters to improve HBase Mean Time To Recover (MTTR).

  • AMBARI-2136: Fixed incorrect HOME paths in /etc/sqoop/conf/sqoop-env.sh file.

  • AMBARI-2198: Avoid using $::fqdn in Puppet which uses the FQDN value from puppet/facter, instead pass the hostname parameter from Python socket.getfqdn().

  • AMBARI-2110: Updated the fs.file.impl.disable.cache=true property in the hive-site.xml file.

  • AMBARI-2134: Fixed Oozie proxy test failure on Ambari deployed cluster.

  • AMBARI-2149: Fixed incorrect GC log directory path for HBase process.

  • AMBARI-2141: Fixed when HBase user is changed, HBase fails to start after upgrade.

  • AMBARI-2146: Fixed when Hive and Oozie users have been changed, after upgrade Hive metastore and Oozie fail to start.

  • AMBARI-2165: Ambari server upgrade fails when a user tries to upgrade for the second time.

  • AMBARI-2164: START_FAILED and STOP_FAILED no longer exist, the upgrade script should repair hostcomponentstate table to convert these to INSTALLED.

  • AMBARI-2117: Updated mapred.jobtracker.retirejob.interval to 21600000 (6 hours).

  • AMBARI-2116: Updated default configurations for Ambari to improve performance.

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