2.2.  Patch information for HBase

HBase is based on Apache SVN branch 0.92, revision 1344056 and includes the following:

  • HBASE-6450: Added support to set MALLOC_ARENA_MAX in hbase-config.sh file. This fix resolves the issue of RegionServer crashes on RHEL 6.x due to memory.

  • HBASE-6054: Fixed build issues caused because of missing commons-io.

  • HBASE-5986: Resolved issues caused while executing large scale ingestion tests. The .META table updates are now atomic when regions are split.

  • HBASE-6088: Fixed ZooKeeper exceptions (caused when creating RS_ZK_SPLITTINGnode) that prevented Region splitting.

  • HBASE-6107: Fixed issues with distributed log splitting.

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