4. Improvements

  • Apache HBase updated to version 0.94.5.

  • Apache Flume updated to version 1.3.1.

  • Apache Ambari updated to version This release ( of Apache Ambari includes the new features and improvements:

    • Host level alerts

    • Paging controls on zoomed graphs

    • Ability to change Ambari Web HTTP port

    • Support for Active Directory-based authentication

    • AMBARI-1757: Add support for Stack 1.2.2 to Ambari

    • AMBARI-1641: Add support for additional TaskTracker metrics in API

    • AMBARI-1748: Custom JDK path added through UI now passed to global parameters

  • Fixed issues in Ambari from 1.2.1:

    To see a list of the issues that have been fixed that were noted in the release notes of the last release (1.2.2) of Apache Ambari, use the following query:


    or click here.

  • All Issues fixed in Ambari 1.2.2:

    To see a list of the all issues that have been fixed for Ambari version, use the following query:


    or click here.

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