2.8. Patch information for Sqoop

Sqoop is based on Apache Sqoop 1.4.2 and includes the following patches:

  • SQOOP-578: Fixed issues with sqoop script calls.

  • SQOOP-579: Improved reuse for custom manager factories.

  • SQOOP-580: Added support for an open ended job teardown method which is invoked after the job execution.

  • SQOOP-582: Added a template method for job submission in Export/Import JobBase. A connector can now submit a job and also complete other tasks simultaneously while the on-going job is in progress.

  • SQOOP-462: Fixed failures for Sqoop HBase test compilation.

  • SQOOP-741: Enhanaced OracleConnect getTables() implementation in order to restrict tables to the current user.

  • SQOOP-798: Fixed issue for ANT docs for RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v5.8.

  • SQOOP-846: Added Netezza connector for Sqoop.

  • SQOOP-599: Fixed import operation to HBase for secure cluster.

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