2.4. Patch information for HCatalog

HCatalog includes the following patches:

  • HCATALOG-485: Added document for storage-based security. The storage based security now ignores GRANT/REVOKE statements

  • HCATALOG-431: Added document for instructions on mapping HCatalog type to either a Java class or a Pig type.

  • HCATALOG-492: Added document for instructiosn on using the CTAS workaround for Hive with JSON SerDe.

  • HCATALOG-442: Updated documentation for instructiosn on using HCatalog with Pig.

  • HCATALOG-482: Added documentation for instructions on shipping libjars from HDFS. This otion allows reusing distributed cache entries.

  • HCATALOG-481: Fixed command line interface (CLI) usage syntax and also updated HCatalog documentation.

  • HCATALOG-444: Added documentation for using Reader and Writer Interfaces.

  • HCATALOG-427: Added documentation for storage based authorization.

  • HCATALOG-448: Performance improvements for HCatStorer.

  • HCATALOG-350: Added support to write binary data to the HCatRecord.

  • HCATALOG-436: Fixed incorrect naming for JSON SerDe column on CTAS.

  • HCATALOG-471: Fixed issues with HCat_ShowDes_1 test failures.

  • HCATALOG-464: Upgraded datanucleus for HCatalog.

  • HCATALOG-412: Added support for HCatalog to publish artifacts to the Maven repository.

  • HCATALOG-410: Added support for proxy user in HCatalog client.

  • HCATALOG-420: Added HCATALOG-363 patch to the HCatalog 0.4 branch.

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