2.3. Patch information for Hive

Hive includes the following patches:

  • HIVE-3008: Fixed issues with memory leak in TUGIContainingTransport.

  • HIVE-3063: Fixed failures with drop partition for non-string columns.

  • HIVE-3076: Fixed failures with drop partition for non-partition columns.

  • HIVE-3168: Fixed issues caused due to additional characters returned with ByteArrayRef.

  • HIVE-3246: Changed the internal representation of binary type within Hive. UDFs which were earlier using either the binary type and or the Java representation of binary data in Hive (ByteArrayRef) must now be updated to reflect the new representation - byte[] . Also note that this does not change the format for on-disk data.

  • HIVE-3153: Improved Relese codecs and output streams.

  • HIVE-3291: Fixed failures for the shims module.

  • HIVE-3098: Fixed memory leak from large number of FileSystem instanse in FileSystem.Cache.

  • HIVE-2084: Datanucleus is upgraded to upstream version 3.0.1.

  • HIVE-2918: Fixed exceptions caused for Hive Dynamic Partition Insert when the number of partitions are created even after the default value of hive.exec.max.dynamic.partitions is imcreased to 2000.

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