2.3. Patch information for Hive

Hive is based on Apache Hive 0.10.0 and includes the following patches:

  • HIVE-3802: Fixed test failures issues for testCliDriver_input39.

  • HIVE-3801: Fixed test failures issues for testCliDriver_loadpart_err.

  • HIVE-3800: Fixed test failures issues for testCliDriver_combine2.

  • HIVE-3792: Fixed compile configurations for Hive pom.xmlfile.

  • HIVE-3788: Fixed test failures issues fortestCliDriver_repair .

  • HIVE-3782: Fixed test failures issues for testCliDriver_sample_islocalmode_hook.

  • HIVE-3084: Fixed build issues caused due to script_broken_pipe1.q.

  • HIVE-3760: Fixed test failures issues for TestNegativeMinimrCliDriver_mapreduce_stack_trace.q.

  • HIVE-3817: Added namespace for Maven task to fix the deploy issues for the maven-publish target.

  • HIVE-2693: Added DECIMAL datatype.

  • HIVE-3678: Added metastore upgrade scripts for column statistics schema changes for Postgres/MySQL/Oracle/Derby.

  • HIVE-3255: Added high availability support for Hive metastore. Added DBTokenStore to store Delegation Tokens in database.

  • HIVE-3291: Fixed shims module compilation failures caused due to fs resolvers.

  • HIVE-2935: Implemented HiveServer2 (Hive Server 2). Added JDBC/ODBC support over HiveServer2.

  • HIVE-3862: Added include exclude support to HBase handler.

  • HIVE-3861: Upgraded HBase dependency to 0.94.2.

  • HIVE-3794: Fixed Oracle upgrade script for Hive.

  • HIVE-3708: Added MapReduce workflow information to job configuration.

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