2.4. Patch information for Hive

Hive is based on Apache Hive 0.11.0 and includes the following patches:


Apache HCatalog is now merged with Apache Hive.

  • HIVE-2084: Upgraded DataNuclues from v2.0.3 to v3.0.1.

  • HIVE-3815: Fixed failures for hive table rename operation when filesystem cache is disabled.

  • HIVE-3846: Fixed null pointer exceptions (NPEs) for alter view rename operations when authorization is enabled.

  • HIVE-3255: Added DBTokenStore to store Delegation Tokens in database.

  • HIVE-4171: Current database in metastore. Hive is not consistent with SessionState.

  • HIVE-4392: Fixed Illogical InvalidObjectExceptionwhen using mulit aggregate functions with star columns.

  • HIVE-4343: Fixed HiveServer2 with Kerberos - local task for map join fails.

  • HIVE-4485: Fixed beeline prints null as empty strings.

  • HIVE-4510: Fixed HiveServer2 nested exceptions.

  • HIVE-4513: Added support to disable Hive history logs by default.

  • HIVE-4521: Fixed auto join conversion failures

  • HIVE-4540: Fixed failures for GROUPBY/DISTINCT operations when mapjoin.mapred=true.

  • HIVE-4611: Fixed SMB join failures because of conflicts in bigtable selection policy.

  • HIVE-5542: Fixed TestJdbcDriver2.testMetaDataGetSchemas failures.

  • HIVE-3255: Fixed Metastore upgrade scripts failures for PostgreSQL version less than 9.1.

  • HIVE-4486: Fixed FetchOperator that was causing the SMB joins to slow down 50% when there are large number of partitions.

  • Removed npath windowing function.

  • HIVE-4465: Fixed issues for WebHCatalog end to end tests for the exitvalue.

  • HIVE-4524: Added support for Hive HBaseStorageHandler to work with HCatalog.

  • HIVE-4551: Fixed HCatLoader failures caused when loading ORC table External apache (4551.patch).

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