4. Improvements

  • Added support for RHEL v6.x and CentOS v6.x for Hortonworks Management Center (HMC).

    • HMC is the graphical user interface (GUI) based installer for managing and monitoring end-to-end Hadoop deployments.

    • For more details, see: Using HMC.

  • Improved configuration options for HMC.

  • Added support for additional HBase configuration parameters.

  • Improved validation tests for invalid parameter values for configuring the services.

  • Fixed LZO library unavailability during runtime.

  • Improved support for testing client side validation errors.

  • Fixed the log generation issue caused due to undefined variables.

  • Fixed Templeton configuration parameters.

  • Added support for Talend Open Studio.

    • HDP packages Talend Open Studio to provide a graphical interface for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL).

    • Talend utilizes HDP's HCatalog metadata management capability to import raw data into Hadoop, create and manage schemas on the raw data, and facilitate transformational queries on that data.

      See: Using Data Integration Services Powered By Talend.

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