Adding an Impala Virtual Warehouse

A Virtual Warehouse is an instance of compute resources that is equivalent to a cluster. You must create an Impala Virtual Warehouse, with the Unified Analytics option selected, to work with materialized views. You must also select the Enable Data Visualization option, so that you can use tables and queries to generate dashboards in Cloudera Data Visualization.

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and click the Data Warehouse service.
  2. Go to Virtual Warehouses and click ADD NEW.
  3. On the New Virtual Warehouse dialog:
    1. Specify a Name.
    2. Select IMPALA as the Virtual Warehouse type.
    3. Select the Database Catalog associated with your environment.
    4. Specify the User Groups that can access the endpoints.
    5. Select a size from the Size drop-down menu.
    6. Accept the default configuration for the auto-scaling thresholds.
    7. Click Enable Unified Analytics.
    8. Click Enable Data Visualization .
  4. Click CREATE.