Creating Kafka Topics

For Business Intelligence at Scale, you need to create the following two Kafka Topics: "weather" and "weather_forecast". The "weather" Topic is used for streaming current weather information and the "weather_forecast" Topic is used for the weather forecast information.

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface.
  2. Go to Management Console > Data Hub Clusters and select the CMM cluster that you created earlier.
  3. Click Streams Messaging Manager under the Services section.
  4. Go to Topics and click Add New.
  5. Provide the following required information if you are trying the Business Intelligence at Scale pattern:
    Field nameDescription and values
    TOPIC NAME A name for your Topic. Specify weather and weather_forecast.
    PARTITIONS Specify 2.
    Availability The level of availability. Select MAXIMUM.
    CLEANUP.POLICY The operation to cleanup the data. Select delete. .
  6. Click Save.