Enabling DataFlow for an environment

To deploy flow definitions, you must enable Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) for a CDP Public Cloud environment. Enabling CDF for an environment means that you are preparing an active and healthy CDP environment for use with CDF.

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and click on the DataFlow service.
  2. Go to Environments and click Enable against the environment you want to enable.
  3. On the Enable Environment page:
    • Specify the minimum and maximum number of the Kubernetes nodes you want to deploy in the DataFlow Capacity section.
    • Under the Networking section, select the subnet from the Available Subnets that CDF can use for worker node and load balancer placement.

      If you want to access CDF components from the internet, select the Enable public endpoint option.

    • A list of source IP address ranges which are allowed to connect to the Kubernetes API server.
  4. Click Enable.
    Enabling CDF can take up to one hour.