Giving access to Streams Messaging users

An "EnvironmentAdmin" or a "DataSteward" must grant the "EnvironmentUser" role to the user who is tasked to set up the Streams Messaging cluster.

The cluster you have created using the Streams Messaging cluster definition is kerberized and secured with SSL. Users can access cluster UIs and endpoints through a secure gateway powered by Apache Knox. Before you can begin working with Kafka, Schema Registry, Streams Messaging Manager, and Streams Replication Manager, you must give users access to the Streams Messaging cluster components.
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface.
  2. Go to Management Console > Environments.
  3. Go to Actions > Manage Access to display the Environment Access page.
  4. Find the user to whom you want to grant the EnvironmentUser role, and click Update Roles.
  5. Assign the EnvironmentUser role to the users to grant access to the CDP environment and the Streams Messaging cluster.
  6. Go to the Environments page.
  7. Click Actions > Synchronize Users to FreeIPA.
    Depending on how many users have access to the environment, this synchronization process can take a few seconds to a few minutes.