Who is this guide for?

This guide is intended for Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) users who have never used, have had limited exposure to, or only accomplished specific tasks within NiFi and NiFi Registry.

Are you new to Cloudera Flow Management? This Getting Started guide gives you an introductory tour of CFM. It provides an overview of how to work with data flows, from defining the basic data flow concepts to introducing some of the most used features. It also gives you a step-by-step guide to building and handling simple data flows.

This guide is not an exhaustive instruction manual or a reference guide. The How To documentation is a much more comprehensive resource that provides you with detailed instructions on how to use CFM components. This content is intended to show you CFM basics – how the different parts of Flow Management work together and how you can build simple data flows.

What you can learn in this Getting Started guide:

  • Role of Apache NiFi and NiFi Registry in Cloudera Flow Management

  • Key NiFi components that you can use to define a data flow

  • How to create and configure data flows

  • How to work with templates

  • How to manage data flow versions using NiFi Registry

  • How you can monitor data flows

  • How you can trace the life of data using data provenance