Known Issues

Summarizes known issues for this release.

Framework NAR missing with Windows MSI
If you are installing NiFi using the Windows MSI, you may see the following error when starting NiFi:
No framework NAR found
Download the framework NAR file and add it to the lib directory in your NiFi deployment.
NiFi UI Performance considerations

A known issue in Chrome 92.x causes significant slowness in the NiFi UI and may lead to high CPU consumption.

For more information, see the Chrome Known Issues documentation at 1235045.

Use another version of Chrome or a different browser.
NiFi Registry Null Pointer Exeception
The /buckets/{bucketId}/bundles/nifi-nar API in NiFi Registry may throw a NullPointerException.
If you are using this API, contact Cloudera for a Hotfix.
JDK limitation
JDK 8u271, JDK 8u281, and JDK 8u291 may cause socket leak issues in NiFi due to JDK-8245417 and JDK-8256818. Pay attention to the build version of your JDK because some later builds are fixed as described in JDK-8256818.
Consider using a more recent version of the JDK like 8u282, or builds of the JDK where the issue is fixed.
UI render bulletins for referencing components from new data model

As part of another issue, the referencing components data model will include bulletins. Currently, for each referencing component, a REST call is made to get the bulletins (there is some batching here, but not important). Once the data model provides the bulletins those requests will no longer be needed.

For more information, see NIFI-8387.

There is no workaround for this issue.
When fetching Parameter Context, Variable Registry or Controller Services, referencing components should include bulletins

When a request is made to fetch a Parameter Context, a Variable Registry, or a Controller Service, we send back a list of referencing entities. This includes things like validation errors but not bulletins. The UI is then forced to query the bulletin board to get bulletins for each of the affected components.

For more information, see NIFI-8386.

There is no workaround for this issue.
KafkaRecordSink puts multiple records in one message

All the records are sent as a single Kafka message containing an array of records.

For more information, see NIFI-8326.

There is no workaround for this issue.
Site to Site may fail if data exchange takes more than 30 seconds
For more information, see NIFI-7912.
There is no workaround for this issue.