Use a template

Learn how you can build data flows with the help of templates in Cloudera Flow Management (CFM).

When you have created or imported templates, you can use these as building blocks in various data flows, just as you use a any data flow component.
To use a template in a data flow:
  1. Click and drag the Template icon from the Component toolbar to the canvas.
    The Add template window containing a list of all available templates is displayed.
  2. Choose the template that you would like to add to the canvas and click Add.

    There are a certain important points to remember when working with templates:

    • Sensitive properties (for example, a password configured in a processor) is not added to the template. These sensitive properties have to be populated each time that the template is used.

    • If a component that is included in the template references a controller service, the controller service is also added to the template. This means that each time that the template is used in a data flow, it creates a copy of the controller service.