Configuring Ranger settings

You need to configure Ranger settings and execute Ranger actions for Kafka in-place migration with Ranger.

  1. Click ranger in the Cloudera Manager UI.
  2. Go to the Configuration tab.
  3. Locate the HDFS Service (hdfs_service) property and select the Core Configuration option.

  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Locate the Ranger Plugin HDFS Audit Enabled (ranger_plugin_hdfs_audit_enabled) property and set to false.

  6. Locate and configure the following properties:
    • Ranger Admin User Initial Password


    • Ranger Usersync User Initial Password


    • Ranger Tagsync User Initial Password


    • Ranger KMS Keyadmin User Initial Password


    • Ranger Database User Password


    • Ranger Usersync Log Directory


  7. Click Actions > Upgrade Ranger Database and apply patches.
  8. Click Actions > Setup Ranger Admin Component.