Before you upgrade

Before you start the HDF to CFM in-place upgrade process, ensure you understand the upgrade path available to you and your cluster meets the required prerequisites.

Upgrade path

The upgrade path is to use AM2CM tool and to upgrade from HDF to CDP 7.1.7 with CFM 2.1.2. If you have an earlier version of HDF, then first upgrade to HDF and then upgrade to CDP 7.1.7 with CFM 2.1.2.

  1. SSH to host where Ambari is installed.
    The Ambari machine contains the Cloudera Manager server.
  2. Assign values to the following variables:
    export clustername=HDFTOCDF
    export pfork=6
    export ambariuser=admin
    export ambaripwd=admin
    export ambariport=8080
    export backupdir=/data/backups
    export ambariprotocol=http
    export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-
    export ambariserver=`hostname -f`
    export kdchost=`hostname -f`
    export kdcrealm=EXAMPLE.COM
    export kdcpasswd=Cloudera123
    [ "${ambariprotocol}" = "https" ] && export securecurl="-k" || export securecurl=""
    You need to assign values to these variables because the scripts used in this migration uses these predefined variables.