Getting ready to upgrade

Before you upgrade Apache NiFi, it is helpful to identify your upgrade path, review changes to the NiFi version to which you are upgrading, and prepare for any changes needed to your environment before or immediately after upgrade.

Interoperability and support information

If you are upgrading NiFi on a Linux operating system, refer to the CFM Support Matrix for interoperability and support information for your version of CFM.

Review migration guidance

Identify the version of Apache NiFi you are running, and the version of Apache NiFi to which you want to upgrade. Review the Apache NiFi migration guidance to be aware of changes made between versions and the impact they may have on your existing dataflows.

Clear queues and shutdown NiFi

Before you begin your NiFi upgrade, stop all the source processors to prevent the ingestion of new data, allow your NiFi flowfile processing queues to empty completely, and then stop NiFi.