Behavioral changes

Learn about the change in behavior in Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) 2.1.4.

  • CFM 2.1.4 NiFi started using a flow.json.gz instead of the flow.xml.gz file used in all previous versions. On startup, NiFi converts the existing flow.xml.gz to a flow.json.gz file. If a flow.json.gz already exists, NiFi ignores the flow.xml.gz on startup. Changes made on the canvas will currently be written to both the new flow.json.gz version as well as the flow.xml.gz file; however, only the flow.json.gz is loaded on NiFi startup.

  • Following some security related changes and dependency upgrades, the list of supported databases for the NiFi Registry component has changed. Make sure you are using a supported version before upgrading to CFM 2.1.4. For more information, see the Support matrix.

  • The Kafka processors previously distributed for interacting with Kafka 0.x clusters have been removed. It means that these processors are no longer provided nor supported by Cloudera and it is recommended to switch to the processors making use of Kafka 2.x versions.

    • ConsumeKafka
    • ConsumeKafka_0_10
    • ConsumeKafka_0_11
    • ConsumeKafkaRecord_0_10
    • ConsumeKafkaRecord_0_11
    • GetKafka
    • PublishKafka
    • PublishKafka_0_10
    • PublishKafka_0_11
    • PublishKafkaRecord_0_10
    • PublishKafkaRecord_0_11
    • PutKafka
  • Elasticsearch processors that were leveraging the Elasticsearch 2.0 library and the deprecated Transport Client have been removed. It means that the below processors are no longer provided and supported by Cloudera. It is recommended to switch to the processors interacting with Elasticsearch over HTTP.

    • FetchElasticsearch
    • PutElasticsearch