Install the CFM parcel from the repository

Install the CFM parcel to make NiFi and NiFi Registry available for installation. To install the CFM parcel to Cloudera Manager, you must update the Parcel URL, and then download, distribute and activate the CFM parcel.

  • You have installed a JDK.
  • You have installed and configured a database for use with NiFi Registry.
  • You have installed a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster.
  1. Navigate to the Parcels page. From the navigation bar click Hosts then Parcels, and click the Parcel Repository & Network Settings button.
  2. From the Parcel Repository & Network Settings page, in the Remote Parcel Repository URLs list, click + to add an additional row.
  3. Add the CFM parcel URL available from the Cloudera download location.
    For example:<cfm-version>/tars/parcel/

    See Download from the CFM repository for a complete list of parcels.

  4. Click Save & Verify Configuration. Click Close. The new CFM parcel displays with the set of parcels available for download on the Parcels page.
  5. From the Parcels page, download, distribute, and activate the CFM parcel.

When you have finished downloading, distributing and activating the CFM parcel, add the CSD files for use by Cloudera Manager Server.