Add the NiFi and NiFi Registry groups to Ranger in the Base cluster

Provides steps to add the NiFi and NiFi Registry groups in Ranger.

If your Compute cluster uses a Shared Data Context that shares the Ranger service, you must create the nifi and nifiregistry groups in Ranger on the Base cluster. You must create these groups before you install the NiFi and NiFi Registry service on the Compute cluster, in order for the required NiFi and NiFi Registry Ranger access policies to be created.

  • You have created a Shared Data Context.
  1. Go to Ranger.
  2. Select Settings > Users/Groups/Roles

    The Users/Groups/Roles page appears.

  3. Select the Groups tab, then click Add New Group.

    The Group Detail page appears.

  4. For Group Name, enter nifi. Click Save.
  5. Click Add New Group.
  6. For Group Name, enter nifiregistry. Click Save.

When you have finished creating the Ranger groups, proceed to creating a Compute cluster.