Configuring NiFi Registry Metadata Stores in PostgreSQL

Learn how to configure a PostgreSQL database for use with NiFi Registry.

Postgres provides the option to use an externally located database that supports high availability.

  1. Download the Postgres JDBC driver and place it somewhere accessible to NiFi Registry:
  2. Create a database inside Postgres:
    createdb nifireg
  3. Create a database user and grant privileges:
    psql nifireg
    CREATE USER nifireg WITH PASSWORD 'changeme';
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE nifireg to nifireg;
  4. After NiFi Registry service is installed, configure the database properties in Cloudera Manager:
    • NiFi Registry JDBC Url (nifi.registry.db.url)jdbc:postgresql://<POSTGRES-HOSTNAME>/nifireg
    • NiFi Registry JDBC Driver (nifi.registry.db.driver.class) – org.postgresql.Driver
    • NiFi Registry H2 directory storage location ( – /path/to/drivers
    • NiFi Registry Database Username (nifi.registry.db.username) – nifireg
    • NiFi Registry Database Password (nifi.registry.db.password) – changeme

When you have completed the NiFi Registry database configuration, move on to installing Cloudera Manager and your CDP Private Cloud Base Cluster.