Install and configure a database for NiFi Registry

If you are installing NiFi Registry, you can install and configure an external MySQL or PostgreSQL database. By default, NiFi Registry is pre-configured to use an embedded H2 database.

H2 is an embedded database that is preconfigured in the default file. The contents of the H2 database are stored in a file on your local file system. The H2 database location is specified as part of the JDBC URL property:

  • NiFi Registry JDBC Url (nifi.registry.db.url) – jdbc:h2:./database/nifi-registry-primary

If you plan to use the H2 embedded database, you can skip the steps for installing and configuring an external database. Alternately, you may install a MySQL or PostgreSQL external database. To do this, review the following steps for either MySQL or PostgreSQL.

For a list of supported MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, see Supported NiFi Registry databases.