Activating Embedded Container Service environments

This topic describes how to activate an environment to use for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Private Cloud on Embedded Container Service (ECS).

Before you can create a Database Catalog to use with a Virtual Warehouse, you must activate a CDP environment. Activating an environment causes CDP to connect to the Kubernetes cluster, which provides the computing resources for the Database Catalog. In addition, activating an environment enables the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service to use the existing data lake that was set up for the environment, including all data, metadata, and security.

  • Determine which environment that uses a particular data lake is the environment you want to activate for use with a Database Catalog and Virtual Warehouse.
  • In ECS environments, the Storage Class Name is automatically obtained from Cloudera Manager.
  1. Log in to Data Warehouse service as DWAdmin.
  2. Expand the Environments column by clicking More… and locate the Environment that you want to activate.
  3. Click the activation icon.
    The Activation Settings dialog box is displayed.
  4. Specify Delegation Username and Delegation Password to impersonate authorization requests from Hue to the Impala engine.
  5. If you are using an external database on your base cluster and want to use a default Database Catalog, then you must specify custom database name for DAS and Hue in the Pre-created database names for default database catalog field.
  6. Optional: Enable low resource mode to deploy CDW on minimum hardware.
  7. Click ACTIVATE.