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Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes denote a marked change in behavior from the previously released version to this version of HDP.

Table 1. Behavioral Changes
Hortonworks Bug ID Apache Component Apache JIRA Summary Details
BUG-109803 Ranger N/A Ranger authorization for CREATE TEMPORARY UDF operation in Hive.

Scenario: Authorize temporary User Defined Function (UDF). Currently, the CREATE TEMPORARY UDF has a workaround solution of having a policy with Database=* and UDF= specified since the temp UDF is not associated to any datdabase. From this release, UDF related operations are associated to a resource "Global". Hence users are expected to create policy to authorize Temp UDF instead of previous workaround.

Previous behavior:

Users need to create a policy with Database=* and UDF= specified.

New behavior:

UDF related operations are categorized to a resource "Global" and "Temp UDF admin" is added as a new permission, which authorizes ADD, COMPILE and CREATE TEMPORARY UDF. Hence previous workaround to have a "*" policy for DB and UDF to authorize temporary UDF commands is not required and will not work. Instead, users are expected to create this new policy with "Global" resource and "Temp UDF admin" permission for the authorization of Temp UDF. This permission should be treated carefully and only be given a few trusted users similar to Permanent UDF policy. Permanent UDFs are not affected by this change and continue to be handled by the existing UDF resource policy as before.

Workaround/Expected Customer Action:

If you have a previous workaround to authorize Hive Temp UDF, you must stop using the workaround and create new policy for "Global" resource.

BUG-106681 Oozie OOZIE-3328 Oozie can understand Hive action once again in this release. Hive action is not supported on HDP‌ 3.0.0 but has backward compatibility in HDP‌ 3.0.1. The compatibility mode uses Beeline to attach the Hive server instead of using HiveCLI as earlier.

Scenario: When I submit a workflow into Oozie, I can use my old hive actions and Oozie understands that.

Previous behavior:

Using Hive action was not possible in HDP‌ 3.0.0.

New behavior:

Using hive action is possible (so all the workflows which are created for HDP‌ 2.x) but highly recommend to rewrite workflows to switch to hive2 actions.


Limitations: On a wire encrypted cluster, Hive server certificates have to be spread on all the YARN nodes. Certificates should be imported into the Java’s cacerts keystore.

BUG-109145 Zeppelin ZEPPELIN-3587 Zeppelin is not showing complete output after running the paragraph.

Scenario: User want to see the middle output of zeppelin paragraph.

Previous behavior:

Every output of each statement will be displayed, because zeppelin split the whole code into lines.

New behavior:

Only the last statement's output is displayed.

Workaround/Expected Customer Action:

If you want to display the output, you need to explicitly add a print statement.